Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tips for doing the Seattle-to-Portland Bike Ride (STP)

Here are some things I learned from doing the Seattle-to-Portland Bike Ride (STP) last year:
1. Do it with somebody, otherwise its too boring.
2. Don't bring a water back-pack. Just carry two water bottles and try to get everything else under the seat, or in your pockets.
3. Toledo High School is a good place to sepnd the night, but maybe try to go a bit farther next time, like Castle Rock?
4. Only bring 1 extra tube (2 max) to save space. If you use it you can always buy another one at the next stop.
5. Bring a spare spoke or two in case one breaks.
6. Leave at 5 am or 5:30 to avoid heat and get a good start. I can just leave from my house and skip the start.
7. The air mattress is wonderful for sleeping on.
8. Eat a lot and drink a lot. Stop at every rest stop.
9. Use tons of chamois lube.
10. As part of training, in addition to a bunch of 45 mile rides, try to do a couple 70 or 80 mile rides with a 45 the day after.


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